Jef Raskin | Enjoy Your Pickleball Experience In A Better Way
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Enjoy Your Pickleball Experience In A Better Way

Enjoy Your Pickleball Experience In A Better Way

There are still many people who don’t have any idea about pickleball, however, there are many others who have been very active in this sport. It was originated in the year 1965 in Bainbridge Island and it was named after a person, Joel Pritchard who made this game for the purpose of entertaining his two sons who were getting bored.

He just picked up a paddle with a wiffle ball which has now become a popular sport among many people. This is one of the fun activities that people love to enjoy in the adult communities as well.  As compared to the time when only tennis courts were popular, now there are many pickleball courts that are coming into the picture.

There are many retirement communities that have replaced tennis court and you will find people getting more interested in pickleballs.

What this sport is all about?

There are two zones in which pickleball courts are divided with use of a net as same it happens in tennis, table tennis, and badminton. The one extra equipment that is required for pickleball is solid paddles that are similar to the paddles that are used in large table tennis along with a plastic, perforated ball which is also known as the wiffle. This review will help you find the best options in paddles that you can use in this sport.

The size of the court in common is 44 feet/20 feet and it is split into the two parts of a net of 34 inch. Volleying is allowed, but in the non-volley zone which is seven feet away from the net, it is not allowed there. After the game starts, you have to return the ball to other after the starting two bounces. The paddle is used on the hands of the players for the purpose of touching the ball, it services as an extension to the paddle.

The winning team is the one who reaches first to the eleven points with the first two points. If a dame keeps on going for a long time, then exceptions can be made as per the agreement of other people.

Who can play Pickleball?

As one doesn’t have to be an athlete to play this sport, thus anyone who likes to play can enjoy this. As the amount of space that is required for it is less than the tennis and badminton court, this is why it allows many people to play at one place at a single time. The use of small courts also cover less grounds which make it easy sport for legs and joints and less of a cardio sport.

It is the best fun activity for retirement communities as it can be played as singles as well as doubles. The people who find it tough to play tennis, will surely find it as a much more easier sport to play.

All you need to have is the right equipment for the purpose of enjoying the game of pickleball.

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