Jef Raskin | Important Points That All Interested Buyers Of Parc Clematis Condos Should Be Aware Of
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Important Points That All Interested Buyers Of Parc Clematis Condos Should Be Aware Of

Important Points That All Interested Buyers Of Parc Clematis Condos Should Be Aware Of

Situated in the well developed Clementi town of Singapore, Parc Clematis is one of the most marvelous and luxurious condominiums that you will get in the entire country. The location is apt for all kinds of residents because it is an economically strong area, there are many reputed schools and Singapore national university is at the distance of few minutes. So, there’s no surprise that everyone wants their home in one of these condos. However, you need to make sure that you are aware of every service that developers are providing before you buy a unit. Given below are points that discuss some of the advantages you can enjoy by buying a unit of Parc Clematis.

There are no agent fees to book a unit

You don’t need to hire any real estate agent because developers have given all the facilities on their website. It is a very good option to ensure customer satisfaction because then customers will be directly interacting with the main managing staff of the project and also their queries will be directly cleared by them only. Since you don’t have to hire any professional agent thus you will be saving a huge part of money because the luxurious property you select, the higher their commission is. So, you will be buying your favorite unit in Parc Clematis without any extra charge of the agent’s commission.

Register for VVIP showflat visit 

As mentioned above, the developers have given all the registration and other necessary facilities online which also includes that you can book you showflat visit. However, you can also get a VVIP Parc Clematis Showflat appointment in which you can get many other prioritized facilities. By registering for a VVIP showflat, you can get the tour of the site of the project and get the 3D demonstration of the condominiums and how the entire site will look. They will also show you all the floor plans from which you can select the one you find most suitable and book in the spot.

Pre-book the unit that you want

Like other condominium projects, Parc Clematis also has a ballot system but the developers have also given one more feature for acquiring the desired unit. As mentioned above, you can register as a VVIP buyer with which you can get some prioritized facilities. You can choose the unit that you want and also on which floor.  There are five types of units from one to five bedrooms and you can choose any which suits your needs and budget. Also, if you want the unit on a particular floor or with a particular floor plan then you can also mention that to the developers.

Huge discounts for the early birds 

Apart from the zero fees of the real estate agent, you can save a little more amount in buying a unit in Parc Clematis. Not just a little amount, it can also be a huge amount because the developers are giving great discounts and offers to their prioritized customers those who have registered already on the website. You will get these discounts on the final payment or when you will be shifting in your new house. It is a big relief for the customers who always wanted to live in a private house but couldn’t afford the required budget. The developers, SingHaiYi have made these luxurious units affordable for all kinds of families.

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