4 Must Know Ways To Save In Retirement

After years of working, most people dream of the day they can retire and do what they want. No more alarm clocks, rush hour drives, or bosses. You don’t have to wait for vacation time or rush to get back to work. Life is going to be easy breezy. Until you wake up from that dream and realize your money is not going as far as it used to and adjustments must be made.

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In today’s economy it is hard to look forward to retirement. Many retirees are seen working as greeters at the local grocery or big box stores or other part time jobs, just to make ends meet. They wonder how it all came down to this because this was supposed to be their Golden Years. Here are some tips designed to help retirees save money and live frugal but enjoyable lives:

#4  Live In An Affordable Area

Seek out areas that are affordable to live. Not every place you visit is easy on the wallet in the long-term. Once you are living on a fixed income you don’t want it to be gobbled up by living expenses such as mortgage or rent, utilities, and food. Different magazines publish an annual list of recommended cities for retirees to relocate with the cost of living noted.

#3 Get Medical Under Control

As you age, prescription drugs will almost certainly be a fact of life. Seek out ways to cut down on the cost by ordering online, at sites like CanadianPharmacyLink.com to compare the cost of bricks and mortar pharmacies and online savings.

#2 Look For Senior Discounts

Eat at restaurants that have special Senior menus or discounts from American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). Senior discounts are available in retail stores and other outlets. Seek them out and enjoy the special privileges that aging brings.

#1 Lighten Up

Sell your excess clutter at a yard sale or on eBay. You would be surprised at how much money your old junk can bring.  Send the good stuff to the kids.  It’s about time they took care of those antiques, leaving you time to travel and have fun!

In addition to the must know ways for saving mentioned earlier, there are a few other tips for retirees to keep in mind. Coupon clipping can mean a huge savings, during the retirement years. Making a habit of buying or subscribing to the Sunday paper will provide you access to the manufacturers coupon inserts ripe for the picking.

The bottom line is if you want to live a long time not stressing over a fixed income, you have to take the necessary steps to save money during your retirement years. That way you can fully enjoy yourself and the activities you plan.

How To Ask About Vacation Home Bedding

So, you’ve rented a vacation home out for the very first time. You have the place for a week, and while you’re looking forward to your time there, it is starting to get chilly out. As the date draws closer and closer, the question becomes just what do you pack to bring with you? Will the home you’ll be staying at have everything you’ll need? For that matter, will the bedding be enough should things get really cold at night? While in no way major issues, these are some of the questions you’ll need answers to before you head out.


Just Ask For Clear Information

When you set up a timed reservation for a vacation home, there are several things that have a need for clarification, and the bedding is one of them. Getting the proper information far enough in advance will give you the time you need to plan what it is altogether that you’re going to have to bring with on your vacation. A mattress quilt may be one of those things. If you find out that the vacation home doesn’t have everything you’re going to need to get by for a week, pack well and smart before heading out on the road. Thanks to quick shipping, ordering a quilt the week of your trip should still give you enough time to have it delivered.


Know What You Are Getting Into Before You Leave

Besides having a warm and comfortable bed while out on your vacation, there are several other benefits to bringing along your brand new mattress quilt. For example, you could bring it with if you’re planning on doing a bonfire out on a beach. Nights out on the beach can get ridiculously cold, and it’s always good to have a sweater or blanket along with you to keep warm while roasting hot dogs and s’mores late into the night. There’s also hanging out on the deck to watch a sunset; having a blanket will allow you and that special someone to snuggle in nice and close together as the sun sets before you.

At the end of the day, don’t sweat small stuff. Pack what you need, and enjoy a much deserved vacation out and about with those that you love.

Vacationing In Mexico Means Learning Spanish



If you are planning on taking that trip to Cabo San Lucas that you have always wanted, you really should learn some Spanish. While it may not be the easiest language to learn on your own, there are methods available to you that can help you learn Spanish fast enough to have you ready for your vacation. All it takes is a bit of time, dedication, and a bit of studying, and you will be on the road to being a Spanish speaker in no time!


Learning The Native Tongue

Heading to Mexico is a great way to spend a week during the summer. The beautiful beaches and exotic culture seems to be worlds away and the food is world renowned. While there will be plenty of people around who speak English, especially if you are heading to a destination that is designed to attract tourists, the fact is that by learning the native tongue, you can greatly enrich the quality of your vacation. If you speak the native tongue, locales will see that you embrace their culture, and you may be treated to some activities that are reserved for visitors just like you.


Finding The Right Method

We are all unique. We all have our individual tastes and personalities, and we all learn things a bit differently. However, this individuality does take a bit of a backseat when it comes to certain learning methods that can be effective for many people. For instance, many people have found the Pimsleur Approach to be a very effective and easy way to learn a new language. The techniques used with this method all have produced tried and true results for people from all walks of life and educational backgrounds. While this approach is effective for so many people, perhaps you learn better in a classroom setting. There are plenty of ways to learn the language and whatever suits you best will be the one that will be the most beneficial.

Learning Spanish is a great way to make sure that your vacation is every bit as spectacular as it should be. You can interact with the locales and find out the best places for you to visit that may take you away from the general tourist traps. Besides that, knowing Spanish will make travel much easier once you get to Mexico. With the right methods, you can be speaking Spanish in no time!

Famous Couples Costume Ideas

What do the following have in common? A gangster and a flapper; a cowboy and an Indian squaw; and 80′s rocker and an 80′s groupie; Bonnie and Clyde; a doctor and a nurse; Batman and Robin (or Catwoman), the Blues Brothers; Cleopatra and Mark Antony; John Lennon and Yoko Ono; Frankenstein’s monster and the bride of Frankenstein; Lucy and Ricky Ricardo; Gomez and Morticia from the Addams family; Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty… and probably every other famous duo you can imagine? The previously listed have all been the subject of celebrity couple halloween costumes over the past several years.


Apparently, Just Being a Celebrity Isn’t Dress Up Enough

One might actually think that with all of the roles that television and movie stars play, all the costume changes that music celebrities go through on stage, and even dressing up for all the gala events that celebrities are constantly attending they would get enough of dressing up in one form or another. Yet every Halloween scads of celebrities make appearances in their best singles and couples costumes. Amongst celebrities, Halloween loving couples (some of whom may not be couples when you read this – that’s just how it goes in Hollywood) consist of the likes of Seal and Heidi Klum, Buffy the Vampire’s Alexis Denisof and Alyson Hannigan, Len Wiseman and Kate Beckinsale, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey (firefighting buddies in full gear one year and a box of cookies and a carton of milk the next year – more cookies than box for Mariah) and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Granted, that’s only a handful.


Who Gets The Prize And Who Gets The Thumbs Down?

Fashion’s infamous Heidi Klum has gone as everything from a huge haired vampiress or blue painted Hindu goddess to Lady Godiva to a zombie and more – every time making the costume look better than anyone ever has (or probably ever could). Proving that she does still at least have a sense of humor, bad girl Paris Hilton has shown up for Halloween bashes wearing none other than prison stripes with sequins. Mischa Barton might have rethought her outfit just a bit, before venturing out as Betty Boop – the look fell short.

Martha Stewart let her hair down by slinking around in a tighter than skin scuba wetsuit with full gear – and she pulled it off, too! Joey Fatone went for a he/she outfit that tried to be clever, but was more confusing than anything else. Jamie Lee Curtis pulled off a leopard suit nicely though critics would love to have seen less leopard and more Jamie Lee Curtis – pigs. And our beloved Cher, who has worn more hair and outfits than any single human being, celebrated Halloween one year as Cleopatra. The verdict is still out on whether she had worn it during one of her historic shows or not.

Regardless of whether you choose something that never seems to age or something new age – couples costumes for Halloween are good enough for the celebrities so clearly they’re good enough for anyone!

Add Value To Your Home Sale


If you are planning on selling your home, you want to make sure that you get the most money you can for it. While it remains a buyer’s market, there are still plenty of things that a homeowner can do to improve the chances of their home selling at the price that they are looking for. If you aren’t making this attempt at enchanting a buyer from the outset, you can lose out on quite a bit of money in the long run, or even face the possibility of the home staying on the market for much longer than you had hoped. If you want to add some value to your home, there are a few things that you can do.


Grab Their Attention

When a potential buyer is coming to look at your home, you want them to be impressed when they see your home. The façade should immediately grab their attention, in a good way. Perhaps you will want to repaint your home to make it seem fresh. Applying a coat of paint to your home, or even just your garage door, can give it a bit more appeal. Make sure that your yard looks as perfect as it can. If you have a garden, make sure that there are no weeds and if you have a lawn, make sure it is well manicured. The intention is that you want the buyer to have already decided to buy before they even walk through the door.


Little Extras

Once you have their attention, you need to keep it. Your home should have nothing wrong with it when the first potential buyers come through the door. Perhaps you want to install new carpeting or even some ceiling fans in the living room. Adding new lighting fixtures throughout the house that are more energy efficient is another way to attract a buyer. Even small things such as making sure that all of the light switches in the house work can mean the difference between someone buying your home for what you want to sell it for and the buyer buying it for the price that they want to pay.

Anything you can do to improve your home before you start showing it can add value to your sale. No one wants to sell their home for less than they think it is worth and those improvements can help you avoid that.

Travel To Your Future Home

If you’re buying a home in a different state/country it may seem like an inconvenience to travel to your new location just to look at a house you can probably see on the Internet. Then again, that’s kind of like buying a used car from someone just because they showed you this great picture of a magnificent looking car and said “yes that’s the one”. Trustworthy real estate experts of course, would never steer you wrong, but this is another one of those cases of buyer beware.

Granted, you want a real estate service that’s going to take care of all the extras like following through with buyers, marketing, listings and more but you also have to use common sense. You should never buy something sight unseen and no, pictures or Internet postings don’t count… Not even if you’re able to take a virtual tour online.


Taking The Intimidation Out Of Real Estate

Buying something sight unseen is sometimes referred to in the real estate market as the white knuckle method. And rightly so. Some people won’t even buy clothing over the Internet without seeing it, trying on and feeling the fabric first. Buying a big-ticket item such as a car or house without seeing it up close and personal, and firsthand, is riskier than playing a slot machine. At least you can see and touch the slot machine that you’re plugging full of money. You undoubtedly work hard for your money, and you’ve probably made sacrifices to save enough for a down payment, so that buying something without first taking a private, personal tour is a pretty poor choice when you struggled that much in order to be able to afford the home of your dreams. And you won’t know if it’s the home of your dreams unless you go see it for yourself.


Ever Heard Of ‘Look Before You Leap’?

And, just as you would preview a home before plunking down your hard-earned cash, so should you research the real estate agency with whom you are dealing. It’s so very easy to research any kind of product or service these days on the Internet that it’s foolish not to. Almost every service and product has a website in this technological age and while it’s good to check out their website it’s even better to go on an independent website to review testimonials from people who have dealt with the service or product in question. The testimonials on the service’s website are probably going to be very much in favor of the product or service after all.

A trustworthy real estate agent will undoubtedly encourage you to see the property firsthand before you buy. If at all possible why not make a vacation out of it or at least an extended weekend. This will give you an opportunity to look around your new environment and get better acquainted with it before your move.

Winning Works For Me

There are very few people on this earth that would say that winning just isn’t for them. They may well say that they never win anything, but that certainly doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t like to. Everybody knows that if you don’t play you can’t win so avoiding contest entry simply on the assumption that you won’t win is a lot like shooting yourself in the foot. Particularly when you don’t have anything to lose, why would you avoid the opportunity to get something for nothing.


Who Participates In Social Networking?

The easier question to answer may be “who doesn’t participate in today’s social networking with their iPhone, iPad or laptop computer?”. Even if you aren’t involved in social networking you know you’re going to be on one of those forms of media for a good portion of your day. You will find all sorts of people from all walks of life involved in social networking these days.

But besides posting useless information that no one really cares about, there are other things that you can do while social networking. Things that you can actually benefit from. Opportunities to get something for nothing. Chances to win free holiday competitions can be played on ‘Submit’, ‘Pin it’, Google plus, Facebook or Twitter.


The Outback Enters The World Of Online Competition

Whether you want to get out of the outback and into New York City or simply want to win things like cars, iPads, iPhones, coffee, gift cards, flights, refrigerator, services like eye surgery, or even cash… winning is winning. And it doesn’t matter if the competition is online or off-line, Aussies love competition. Australia’s 2013 Master Chef is one of the current, popular opportunities for competitiveness.

There is also tennis – how many infamous tennis players have come from down under? And to date game tickets, cameras, DVDs, mobile phones, theater tickets cash and more have been one through Australia’s lotto. In fact August 16th alone, in addition to other lucky winnings, saw a holiday worth over $11,200 given away as the top prize in Australia’s lotto.

Of course with Lotto you actually have to spend money in order to win a prize. This is why possibly entering free competitions on a social website may be more to your liking. Free is free after all.

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Give The Gift Of A New Smile




Being charitable always makes the presenter of the gift feel good inside. It would be nice that instead of giving money to a charity, instead offer something more concrete. Giving a gift of a new smile to a teens living in a group home is something to be cherished each time they look in the mirror.


Teens Without Homes Need Something To Smile About

It is a lonely life being a teen that lives in a group home. You spend time wondering if you will ever be chosen to live with a family on a foster care basis or actually adopted. Most of the time, people want to foster or adopt young children. The longer teenagers languish in the system, the less likely they will be chosen.

Some people take them in through the Big Brother-Big Sister Program, to at least show there are select people caring enough to spend one-on-one time with them. Everyone needs attention and these kids crave it even more. It would be special if a person would take a teen under his or her wing and treat them to invisilign style braces.

This treat would be so unexpected and after the process was completed, that teen would receive such a tremendous boost of confidence. Ready to meet the world and do some positive things in life, despite having such a rough start. You could be proud knowing you made a difference in a young person’s life by gifting them with a new smile.


Dental Health Needs Of Teens Often Neglected

Aside from the obvious benefit of a gift of braces, you can go a step further by providing the money for that young person’s dental health needs. It is unlikely that in a group setting the proper instruction is given for proper oral care. Even if it is provided, the ability of staff to check on each individual to make sure it is being done on a daily basis is highly unlikely.

If you can talk to your dentist and appeal to him to reduce the charges, you can also give the gift of regular check-ups to a teen you are mentoring. The dentist can do a set of x-rays, give a complete work-up, diagnose and treat any current or potential dental problems. Once this is taken care of, the orthodontist who is also willing to help pare the cost of the braces can go to work toward creating the most beautiful smile you have seen.

Not only will that be a gift of a lifetime to a teen that feels alone, it will be heartwarming for you to know you could make a contribution toward someone who truly appreciates it.

Set A Trend With Your Home Remodeling Design



Anytime you are considering a remodeling project for your home, it should be an improvement that will make the neighbors green with envy. After all, while home improvements are nice for ourselves, who doesn’t love a bit of jealousy thrown their way, when someone admires their home? Depending on the project that you have chosen, your remodeling design could not only be the talk of those jealous neighbors but could actually start a trend.


The Perfect Remodeling Design

Depending on the extent of your remodeling project, your options may vary from as little as a dozen to hundreds of options to choose from. From colors to accessories, to size and shape, and everything in between, you should spend plenty of time designing the perfect remodel. Perhaps you want a new staircase design? Have you considered relandscaping your lawn? Maybe you spend a bit of time in the kitchen and want to remodel that. No matter what you decide to remodel, make sure that it is perfect and exactly what you are looking for.


Completing The Project

Being the envy of the neighborhood is easy with a complete, well thought out project. However, if you are only able to get halfway through before encountering a problem that you were unprepared for, you could easily become the laughing stock of your neighbors. If you are undertaking the project yourself, you need to be absolutely sure that you are prepared for such an undertaking. If you aren’t, the project could cost much more than you had expected, which may ultimately mean you will have to abandon the project, until you can save enough to give it another go. If you are hiring a contractor, make sure that you do some research before letting him tear your home apart. Check his credentials and references and make sure that the project you are hiring him for is within his scope of expertise.

We can’t all be the talk of the neighborhood, no matter how hard some of us try. Everyone wants to be a trendsetter, whether they admit it or not. If your home is the envy of everyone else on the block, it feels good and makes you proud of what you have. Once you start noticing that your neighbors are mirroring your designs, you can sit back and start considering the next remodel design that you can complete just to keep them jumping.

5 Items That No Traveler Would Be Without!





Five items? Who are you kidding? Any traveler knows that there are far more than five items that no traveler can be without. Fortunately, most of them can be found online.

Anyone who travels also knows how much time and money is saved by shopping online versus running from store to store as in the old days. That allows far more time and money for travel after all! And isn’t that the point?


Five Things You’re Going To Need

Let’s face it, you’re going to have one heck of a time traveling without some type of luggage. Fortunately you can find all sorts of luggage at the online shopping site listed above. Take a look at some of these options:

  • luggage (most with wheels and pull out handles)
  • backpacks/hiking packs/travel packs
  • carry on luggage  or all matching luggage sets (some as many as 5 pieces)


And that’s just luggage folks! Here are a few more things you might need, most of which can be found online as well:

  • earplugs, tooth paste/brush
  • hand sanitizer, power converter
  • camera, travel insurance, book (or the electronic version of)
  • heels/dress shoes for women and a tie and dress shirt for men
  • motion sickness/upset stomach/diarrhea medicine
  • and good grief don’t forget your passport (incredibly, even these can be done online nowadays)

Specialized Travel Means Specialized Needs

Few people travel just to travel though there are some individuals that just like to be on the go. If you’re traveling with a destination in mind that destination may well include some type of sport or leisure activity. If you’re traveling for sports for example – steamers and wetsuits, fishing equipment, biking needs, snowboards, camping equipment, kayaks/boats and barbie supplies are just some of the things that can be found at online shopping sites.


Don’t forget that shopping online saves more than just the gas you would’ve used for shopping. Your time is valuable and why spend it shopping if you can cut that amount of time down to a fraction? As far as money is concerned there are countless ways to save money by shopping online and that means more money for fun.

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