Jef Raskin | Why the Avenue South Residence Location is a Great Option for Buyers
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Why the Avenue South Residence Location is a Great Option for Buyers

Why the Avenue South Residence Location is a Great Option for Buyers

A forgotten area of District 3 will soon come alive with the launching of a brand new condo. Professional local developer UOL will commission of its only two newly established projects in 2019 tagged as the Avenue South Residence. Once actualized, this twin 56-storey condo development will take its position among Singapore’s tallest residential buildings with an approximate height of 200m and many are of the opinion that this is a landmark project in Kampong Bahru. Here’s a look at how the Avenue South Residence Location will be of benefit to its residents.


Technically, the location with close proximity to Avenue South Residence is referred to as Kampong Bahru and Kampong Silat is directly opposite of Spooner Road. In the past years, urban planners have converted Kampong Bahru into an estate which accommodates Bukit Purmei, Kampong Silat and Bukit Teresa.

The name “Kampong Silat” was coined from Malay word “selat”, which means “straits” in English, as the area was located close to the Singapore Straits before they could reclaim the land. Thereafter, the surrounding area was widely recognized as the train yard of the surrounding Tanjong Pagar Railway Station when it was launched in 1932.

Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT) the HDB predecessor started the construction of shops and public housing from 1948-1952. The construction of Kampong Bahru Estate has placed it as the second oldest public housing estate while the first one is Tiong Bahru.

Subsequently, these first 31 buildings were restructured to taller HDB flats in the area and the remaining 13 flats at the location of Avenue South Residence were selected for HDB SERS in 2007. As of today, we have just 5 blocks which are preserved by URA in 2014 and they will become part of the new development.

Avenue South Residence project is a 245,972 sq-ft newly established Government Land Sales development. Silat Avenue is an interlink to Kampong Bahru Road, which can be accessed through Telok Blangah/HarbourFront westwards or Chinatown/Outram Park eastwards.


A newly constructed Kampong Bahru Bus Terminal has just been commissioned in March 2019, following the blocking of New Bridge Road Bus Terminal in SGH. An approximate of 12 bus services link residents to not only nearby Shenton Way and Chinatown but also other areas of Singapore as far as Pasir Ris and Boon Lay.

Along Kampong Bahru Road, there are 4 bus services available to convey commuters to Outram Park MRT within a short period of time and HarbourFront MRT/VivoCity in less than 10 minutes.

By 2025, it is expected that the newly established Cantonment CCL station will also be useful for residents nearby, through the green Rail Corridor in at most 10 minutes.


The biggest draw for residing in Avenue South Residence is the opportunity to explore the abundance nature.

The Rail Corridor is nearby and can be easily accessed. Formerly known as the railway tracks of Malayan Railway (KTM) which was later changed in July 2011, the 24km route connecting Woodlands and Tanjong Pagar Railway Station will reopen by 2021 as a “green corridor”, a heritage and nature trail connecting multitudes of people within a 1km radius. The access park located close to Avenue South Residence should lead residents and the general populace to the Rail Corridor by 2023.

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